Why do Chiropractors take X-rays?

Chiropractors are both qualified in radiography and radiology. This means that chiropractors can take X-rays, read and interpret them. At the Buchanan Clinic we have our own X-Ray machine and developer on site. This means we can take films and have them processed on the same day if need be. The chiropractor can therefore identify any spinal abnormalities or degenerative changes quickly so that we can provide the most appropriate care from the start.

From clinical experience and your examination results the chiropractor will be able to determine whether an X-Ray is required. Some reasons for taking an X-ray would include,

    Inconsistent examination results
    The suspicion of pathologies or fractures
    Decreased bone density/condition (Osteoporotic changes)
    Neurological abnormalities/signs
    Extreme pain
    Large postural anomalies
    And many more

X-Rays are often very useful for determining if any spinal degeneration is present in the spine. Depending on the amount present, this can potentially alter our treatment plan.

Are X-Rays Safe?

All chiropractors receive specialist training in radiology and ensure they keep up to date on the most recent news and research on X-Ray exposure. The benefit must always outweigh the small risk involved and exposure limited as much as possible. Filters and shields are often also used to limit the overall exposure.

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